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Message from the Dean

The International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA), a new department at Yamanashi Gakuin University, provides a rigorous international liberal arts learning habitat where Japanese and international students may discover their dreams and maximize their unique potential. Virtually all content courses at iCLA are conducted in English by an outstanding faculty. 85% of the prospective faculty are non-Japanese, the highest foreign faculty ratio in Japan. Members of the faculty graduated from Amherst, Australian National, Berkeley, Cambridge, Chicago, Harvard, Indiana, London, Minnesota, Newcastle, Princeton, Sheffield, Stanford, Washington, and other excellent universities. We are student-centered, meaning that we place student learning and personal development above all else. The College accepts only 80 students per year. The average class size is 20. The student-faculty ratio is 12-to-1. Classes are interactive. Our liberal arts curriculum is uniquely structured to promote critical, creative, independent, global, and entrepreneurial thinking. At the core of our educational philosophy are the concepts of interdisciplinarity ? the connectivity of knowledge and lifelong education of the whole person ? mind, body, and spirit. Our mission is to help students "make meaning" in their lives. Our curriculum connects knowledge through lectures that link and integrate subjects, experiential workshops, and a unique writing-across-the-curriculum program. These comprise the essential ingredients of our liberal arts education. Our "education of the whole person" philosophy is grounded in the recognition that a healthy mind requires a healthy body ? our parent university is world famous in a wide range of sports and martial arts and has produced 42 Olympians in its nearly 70-year history. All degree-seeking students must study abroad for one year. Study abroad is a one-for-one, cross-waiver-of-tuition program, so iCLA students are not required to pay tuition at our international partner universities. For every student going abroad we receive an international student in return. This arrangement makes iCLA one of the most internationally oriented campuses in the world. Our degree-seeking students and short-term exchange students live and study side-by-side in internationally integrated dormitories and brand new state-of-the-art classrooms, which were designed by one of the world's most celebrated architects, Mr. Toyo Ito. The campus is located at the center of Japan's picturesque wine region, bordered on the south by Mt. Fuji and on the west by Japan's Southern Alps. We have world-class skiing nearby and breathtaking views of nature, and yet Tokyo is less than two hours away by affordable express train. Buses for Narita and Haneda airports stop directly in front of campus. Come discover your dreams and maximize your unique potential! Michael J. Lacktorin, Founding Dean

What is Liberal Arts?

Key features of a liberal arts education are its wide breadth, the requirement that each student experience that breadth, a linked and integrated curriculum that connects knowledge, small classes, interactive learning, and a comprehensive learning habitat situated within a residential campus. A liberal arts education prepares students for life ? and has no single career focus.

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